FAQ - I have never found this kind of information before, why don't other doctors have this information?

There is no simple answer to this question. To keep the answer short, I would say, in a nutshell, most doctors either haven't learned it or they don't want to learn it. Many doctors blindly follow their training. Those doctors that expand outside their indoctrination learn new truths and new ways to look at their training. The best doctors have more that one tool in their bag.

FAQ - Do you take suggestions on topics?

I used to. At one point, I was receiving between 200 - 300 emails per day. This became overwhelming. I am doing my best to cover most areas of concern that can be looked at from both sides of my training. If I run out of topics, then I will ask for suggestions. I hope you will understand and offer me your patience.

FAQ - Have you ever encountered opposition to the information you post?

Absolutely! I have experienced opposition in many forms. Since I have doctorate degrees on both sides of the health spectrum, I have received opposition from both sides, the medical and alternative sides. The medical field has mainly attacked the truths that I expose, the alternative side has attacked me for the unproven remedies that I disqualify. The way to deal with it is by always knowing and showing the facts and telling the truth. I have never wanted part of any system that has a problem with "the truth". I try very hard to explain why (and how) things work that way they do. For this, I have had smear campaigns mounted from both sides. Sometimes rigid idiologies don't like the truth to be pointed out. The truth shall set you free! The truth only makes things better.