Holy Bible with Apocrypha


This one's a little different.

Reading different Bibles has led me to attempt to compile a better bible. Better? Well, at least one that is easier to follow and understand. One with a more modern language. One that allows the reader quicker reference and context to the messages held withing each book.

In compiling this version, I have also included summaries for each book. Gathering these summaries has been immensely valuable to my understanding and will hopefully be of the same value to you, the reader. In providing these summaries, I have offered a “précis” (pronounced: pray see) for the meaning of each book for which it is written. Instead of reading a book of the Bible and trying to understand its intended message, I have provided some guidance up front. Having a guiding message beforehand allows the reader to fill in the details during the read which adds to the context and understanding.

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