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Verde Ventures

This company is located in Brazil and Paraguay. (see here)

The company develops multiple businesses in a socially responsible way. The specific product mix of this natural resource company includes innovative land use management, eco-tourism, fair trade farming, and rainforest preservation.

This company was looking for a name that would capture it essense. They stated that: We want to honor the local culture and customs of this South American company (located in Paraguay and Brazil), which is steeped in legend and mythology. Our mission is to create a dramatic, positive change for the better (i.e. watershed, sea change). We want to inspire people and provide the seed for accomplishing great things.

After working with this company they took the name "Verde Ventures". They felt that this was one of our submissions that best fit their model.


Animi Sportswear

They stated that: My sister and I are entrepreneurs, developing a line of sportswear (Training, Yoga, Running, Tennis and Fashion Sports) Initially it will be for women, but in the future it will also include men and young people.

The name that we helped them develop was Animi Sportswear. "Animi" is a Latin word that means "Courage" and fit there model perfectly.


Dr Jeff Health Center

This is a medical website that needed a brochure site and graphics to go with it. We submitted several options to choose from and they chose their current display.


Online Retailing Made Simple

This is a business that provides the tools and information to business owners and retailers to either take their existing business online or improve their online presence using ebay. Its target market is brick and mortar business owners that are not yet online or not sure how to do it properly. Also, they help existing sellers on ebay that are not performing very well.

We worked with this client to develop a logo for their business. This client said heI liked a simple layout with text of the business name as the main object. The client made it clear that they were not into big flash pictures with the name being hidden. If it can reflect the brightness and excitment of Ebay in some way that would be great. Their logo can be seen in the "gallery".


Title for a Physician Education Program

This is a business that creates continuing eductation programs for physicians.

The program that they have created needed a name. This program is in the field of pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH for short). A disease of high blood pressure between the heart and lungs. The physician creators of this program are using "cutting edge" scientific information for the training of non-specialist colleagues.

The name they were looking for was one that should reflect the "newness" of the science. The name should have relevance to the disease entity itself (pulmonary hypertension(PH) or pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH).

The final name agreed upon for this company was "forePHront". It is taken from the word "forefront". The use of "PH" instead of "f" allowed for the reference to Pulmonary Hypertension (PH).


Haute Naughty Nectar

This is a business that creates bespeaks cell phone cases, tablets, ipads and shoes from vintage and antique lace and jewllery pieces, pearls and crystals

The business caters to upperclass, teenagers, elite, high fashion folowers, apple iphone/ipad users, jewelry lovers/buyers, fashion foward thinkers.


Hampton Indoor Tennis Center

This is an indoor tennis center club (seen here) whose mission is to promote and expand the game of tennis. They needed a logo to represent their professional, yet kid friendly club. Their logo is in the gallery.


Coronation Dental Specialty Group

This is a dental specialty group that provides oral and maxillofacial surgery, periodontics, endodontics and anaesthesia. They also help patients realize their dreams of beautiful, long-lasting smiles with dental implants. They needed a logo to replace their current concept.

You can visit their site at Coronation Dental Specialty Group.


Element National Management

Element National Management is a full service apartment management company providing service to more than 10,500 apartment units and 1 million square feet of Class "A" commercial buildings in nine states.

You can visit their site at Element National Management.


VMS (Vertical Management Systems)

VMS has been providing innovative technologies to the Financial Services industry since 1992. The company specializes in designing, building and hosting a variety of Securities Movement and Control systems that are used by large financial service firms in the U.S. VMS’s team is considered by many to be the country’s top thought leaders in processing, controlling and accounting for, mutual fund assets in particular.

VMS’s technology processes assets in excess of $500B for firms like Wells Fargo Bank, SEI Investments, Ascensus, The Standard and many others.

You can visit their site at


Healthcare Investment Firm

This company is a new firm investing in drug development and medical devices. This is a Canadian firm investing in exceptional entrepreneurs and disruptive medical science to develop new cures for serious unmet medical needs. They were looking for a name that encompasses the concepts of innovation, healthcare / medicine / life sciences, and a venture capital / investment type of firm. They were looking for a greek or latin origin or perhaps inspired by some important idea / persons involved in early foundations of innovation or medical sciences.

The name that they chose was Paieon Healthcare Ventures. Paieon was the physician of the Olympian gods. He healed their wounds when they were injured in battle.


Dream Practice Management

This company is a Christian group who does chiropractic coaching and consulting. They deal with upper class chiropractic doctors who need help managing their offices. This company needed a refurbished version of the logo they had in mind. They were looking for a more regal, opulent look with a few additional features added in. There DPM logo can be seen in the gallery. is the fastest growing provider of crude oil and energy pricing information. They enable corporations to provide up-to-date market data and energy news on their web sites. They were looking to upgrade their logo. Their website can be viewed here. The logo can be seen in the gallery.



This company is a men's clothing store. They were looking for a logo that was clean, simple, and yet powerful. The logo can be seen in the gallery.


Optimal Protein

This company provides a complete line of high-quality, high-protein foods including bars, shakes, and snacks. Their target market is educated consumers ages 35 to 50 who are looking to supplement their diets with protein in order to achieve optimal health. Their logo can be seen in the gallery.


No Worries Brewing Company

This company is a new craft beer brewery. They were looking for a relaxed, modern, and informal logo. They needed something relating to the "no worries" mindset and a laid back lifestyle. While they are a brewing company they were not looking for a beer label design, but rather a primary logo on which to build their brand. Their mission is to share their passion of beer with the rest of the world, where each brew represents and reflects the pursuit of excellence, constant exploration of unique and exciting flavors, and true craftsmanship. For now they can be found in two places: here (facebook) and here (website). Their logo can be seen in the gallery on this site.



This company needed a redesign of their current logo. They wanted a patriotic theme added to their logo. The GST logo can be seen in the gallery link


Central United Medthodist Church

This Methodist church was looking for a new logo. Other than a typical, plain text logo, they were looking to incorporated the phrase "CENTRAL TO LIFE" in their design using some sort of image. This church is located in Albuquerque, NM and can be found at the following link (here). Their logo can be seen on the gallery page.


The Water Web

This product is a bag that fits between the bars of the bicycle that form a triangle just below the rider. It is a mesh bag that is designed to hold water hydration packs (like a camebak or platypus hydration pack). The pack is contained between the bars of the bicycle, but the drinking tube reaches up to the rider near the handlebars. The purpose of the bag is to be more aerodynamic than water bottles, ease access to water, increase the volume of water carried on the bicycle, and the rider doesn't have to wear the pack on their back which causes extra sweating due to the backpack. Therefore, the theme of the logo needed to lend to a product that is aerodynamic, contain water, increase endurance, focused on the long-distance bicycle market, and give a sense of freedom. The logo can be seen in the gallery.


Indiana Dunes Sports

This brand had to fall under their destination brand, so having some ability to compliment each brand was important. The catch was their overall destination brand being Indiana Dunes - Nature's Masterpiece. The sports brand was going after a different demographic than their destination brand, which made this a little more challenging. This logo will be used on marketing materials to attract sporting events to their destination, which is a very competitive environment. A large number of sporting events will be youth sports and some adult sports. The logo needed to be fun yet professional. The logo is displayed in the gallery.


Booty Camp- Fitness for Women

They offer weight loss classes for women. They call the class a "bootcamp" but because it is for women ONLY we have changed the name to call it "bootycamp". They were looking for a "friendly" female drill instructor for their logo. We produced several logos for them. One can be seen in the gallery.


Tg Tea

This company has a unique brand of tea. It is green tea "enhanced" by ginseng. Their logo can be seen in the gallery.


Tash Team

This company sell luxury residential real estate in La Jolla, California. Their logo can be seen in the gallery.


Know Yourself Academy

The name of our company is Know Yourself Academy. They are an education company that is promoting idea that knowing yourself physically, psychologically and spiritually. Their service is part of a liberal education and is a necessary part of general literacy. Their logo can be seen in the gallery.


TechVZ (Website)

A computer consulting company needed a responsive website to replace their existing one. They needed the responsive site to expand their contact options through tablet and smart phone browsing. Since these devices have become indispensible for many people, the responsive site is one that is needed in today's market. The final design can be seen at and at


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