Logo Design

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Logos are graphic marks or emblems commonly used by commercial enterprises, organization, and even individuals to aid and promote instant public recognition. If you need one designed....


Company and Product Naming

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Company and product naming is the discipline of deciding what each will be called. Types of names for English language products and companies generally fall into one of four categories...


Other Services

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Logo Design, Company and product naming are not the only services that we provide.They are our major focuses, but we also help in other areas of the digital realm.



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Bad Logos

Ultimately, the choice of how a company displays itself it up to that company. That doesn't always mean that the "correct" marketing choice has been made. A few companies who seek designers can often choose bad concepts; often times fall into the trap of selecting "pretty logos" instead of what matches the company.

In addition, a logo can be spot-on in representing the essence of a company, but can be graphically inferior.

See some examples of what we call "bad logos". Click the "Details" button below.

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