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  • What I Do...

  • Paint, Draw, Sculpt, etc.

    I find things that have much interest to me and I try to reproduce them in an artistic way.

    I do take requests for certain works to be done. If it is within my ability, I will work to meet my own self-imposed stringent stardards, as well as, try to exceed the vision of the request.


  • What I Don't Do...

  • I do not frame my paintings.

    The reason I don't frame paintings is because framing involves the individual. When a painting is framed, the shape and color of the frame can change a painting's entire look. It can bring certain colors out more than others.

  • When framing, it is important to match the color and style of the frame with the room or area that it is being placed. Frames can change the feel of the painting and the room in which it displayed.